The Association partners with relevant institutions, organizations, academia, professional associations and scientific communities active in influenza risk mitigation to increase the generation, gathering and dissemination of evidence on influenza immunization benefits to policy makers, program managers, health care providers, scientific communities and general public, through appropriate channels aligned with the existing national, regional and global influenza strategies for expansion of influenza vaccine coverage (seasonal and pandemic) and to support the target audiences on informed decision making (including education and awareness raising activities); and to inform and support research and building capacities in public health planning.

Strategic Objectives

In line with regional and global influenza initiatives and commitment of the countries for implementation of World Health Assembly (WHA) resolutions, the Association defines its strategic objectives as follows:

  1. Provide assistance to the member countries to build/empower public-private partnerships for influenza through establishing Country Influenza Stakeholder Networks (CISN) aiming to increase uptake of influenza vaccine;
  2. Support member countries to upgrade, develop and implement national influenza immunization policies within the national, regional and global context;
  3. Bridge the knowledge gaps on influenza, identify and overcome barriers to vaccination;
  4. Assist member countries to develop or upgrade the national pandemic influenza preparedness plans;
  5. Provide technical assistance to the member countries for developing and implementation of national influenza policies and communication strategies;
  6. Assist countries to build up influenza surveillance capacities and use of information for action;
  7. Promote research on influenza risk mitigation at national and regional levels.
  8. Proactively engage with global influenza stakeholders as an active public health partner;