Message from the Chairperson

Dear Colleagues,

The Middle East, Eurasia And Africa Influenza Stakeholders Network, hereafter referred to as ‘ME’NA-ISN’ or ‘the Association’ was founded on 25 November 2019. The Association was born from an initial idea to gather scientists and leading regional experts on influenza. As a result ME’NA-ISN’ was established as an Association of experts representative of a multidisciplinary approach operating across different countries in the Region. 

Dear Friends,

We need you support and contribution to expand our network, to understand influenza epidemiology, burden and vaccination practices in the Region and to establish policy recommendations tailored to the needs of our Region. You are always very welcome to participate in ME’NA-ISN activities, propose research projects and scientific events and contribute to the Association every way that you can to realize our vision, which is a world resilient to pandemic influenza.   

Sincerely yours,

Salah Al-Awaidy