ME’NA-ISN aims to honour research by awarding 2 (two) researchers with the ME’NA-ISN Research Award. Aimed at motivating young and active researchers towards meaningful research in the MENA region, the award will recognize high quality publications with the potential to inform policy about influenza prevention and vaccination. In 2021, the award shall be conferred to individuals who have published research in the field of influenza and influenza vaccination in the past year (year of publication should be 2020 or 2021).

Application and selection process:

  • A completed ME’NA-ISN Research Award application form must be submitted by the applicant along with the full PDF text of the published manuscript.
  • Submitted applications will be subjected to a peer-review process by an Award Committee of Experts.
  • Applications will be evaluated based on the quality, novelty, and potential impact of the published research to the influenza field in the extended MENA region.
  • The final selection will be presented to the members of the ME’NA-ISN Governing Board for approval and formal endorsement.

Eligibility criteria:

  • The applicant should be the first author or co-author, last or corresponding author of the publication.
  • The applicant should be aged 45 years old or younger (taking into consideration work hiatus, e.g. parental leave).
  • The published manuscript needs to describe research emanating from a country belonging of the extended MENA region.
  • Only publications in ISI-indexed journals will be considered.
  • Year of publication needs be 2020 or 2021.
  • Online first publications are eligible to apply.
  • Manuscripts appearing as pre-prints and that are not yet peer reviewed shall not be considered for the award.
  • Members of the ME’NA-ISN Governing Board and other Scientific Councils are not eligible for the ME’NA-ISN Research Award, they can however be co-authors in the publication.

Awardee recognition and benefits:

  • Monetary award of 2 500 Euros and award certificate.
  • Free registration to the ME’NA-ISN 2022 Annual Congress.
  • Oral presentation during the congress.
  • Mandatory attendance at the Annual Congress/Influenza Day.