I am working as Epidemiologist, researcher, and medical officer in South Batinah. I graduated as a medical doctor from Sultan Qaboos University in 2010. Then, I pursued my master in Field epidemiology from King Saud University in KSA (Field epidemiology training program). I am interested in the researches, and I am a strong believer on the pressing need of our countries to work hard and enhance the research environment on different perspectives of our life.
I have been conducting several researches since I joined the department in South Batinah. I am looking forward to grow this research culture in my surrounding and encourage my staff to develop critical thinking to their works and activities through scientific researches and literature reviews.
I got exposed to a number of health events; communicable and non-communicable outbreaks locally and internationally. I was part of GOARN, a network branching from WHO, when they had their stimulated outbreak teaching event in Philippine in 2017. I also worked with the US CDC in kingdom of Saudi Arabia when I was a trainee. Since late of 2016, I have been working in different projects of researches for communicable diseases in particular, and many of them are still on going, and few have already been published in a number of peer reviewed journals.
In addition, I am participating as a peer reviewer in a number of journals; mainly the journal of infection and antimicrobial resistance. I am a member of the research committee in South Batinah governorate. I am currently supervising a number of projects related to covid19, myiasis, and some surveillance data as well.
I look to this opportunity as a match to my experience and qualification, where I can utilize my surveillance, and outbreak investigations for better practice of public health, develop the research culture, design projects, teach the junior staff, and make them learn and lead future works and researches.