Profession:  Senior Consultant Pediatrician 

Current Positions:

  • Professor of Child Health / The Medical School (Tripoli University)
  • Consultant Pediatrician / Tripoli University Hospital
  • Chairman of the Board of Pediatrics / Libyan Boards of Medical Specialties
  • Chairman of National Vaccine Committee / Ministry of Health
  • Chairman of the seasonal flu Committee / Ministry of Health

Together with my colleagues we have founded the board of Pediatric and I have chaired it since its foundation in 1994 and up to date and so far 188 have got qualified.

Together with my colleagues we have founded the Scientific Vaccine committee, at our Ministery of Health and continue to be its chairman, since its foundation in 1990 and currently we ammunise against 15 diseases.

I was the head of Pediatric Departments at Tripoli Medical Center Since its opening, and for 16 years.

Together with my colleagues we have founded The Libyan Diabetic Association and chaired it since it’s foundation in 1992 and continue to be.

An Examiner for the Arab, Libyan Pediatric Boards, and Examiner in nearly all Medical Schools in Libya.

I have several publications, national and international, and I am a member of many Scientific national and international societies including (ME’NA-ISN).

Father of 5 young people, all qualified from our Medical School in Tripoli and currently practicing medicine.